Apple picking and pumpkin saving

One of the very first things I have crossed off my list is apple picking and boy was it a beautiful day to go. The trees just started to change colours and the weather was still warm enough to go without a coat. 


GIant Jack O'Lattern 

My little brother ran into the pumpkin field to "SAVE ALL THE PUMPKINS". Let me tell you this boy is obsessed with pumpkins and from the middle of September until January that is all he talks about. Yes his obsession with pumpkin beats his love for Santa. 
My Pumpkin and what I wore. 

Little white one
We had a good day and bought loads and loads of apples for baking and pumpkins for pumpkin jam. I've been working a lot lately and that has been consuming my time on top of school, but I am trying my best to take the season in and enjoy every moment without worrying about what I haven't done yet while doing something that I wanted to do.....(does this sentence even make sense) Oh well

On a completely different note but related to October and its awesomeness. I have been super busy building my Halloween costume. The bestest day of Fall. I am going to be a LIGHTHOUSE. Yup it is epic and yes I am that weird. :) 


  1. What a splendidly lovely autumn outing. We haven't done our pumpkin/autumn fruit stand trip yet, but I'm really hoping it will happen in the next few days.

    A lighthouse, you say? What a cool costume idea! Very creative and unique - I hope you share snaps with us.

    Happy two week countdown to Halloween!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. A lighthouse sounds like an amazing costume! Can't wait to see photos :)

  3. What a lovely dress! England is awful for fall! I dream about visiting a pumpkin patch too often

    ♥ Cara-Leigh