Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!! 

I just had a wonderful evening filled with lots of baking and eating. My favourite. Here are a few snap shots of the tree and a cute little present. I love the wrapping paper. 



My first time taking a picture of the Tree with the pretty blurred effect also known as Bokeh. I like it and hope to take more cute pictures like this in the Future. I also hope to post more often but refuse to feel guilty that I am not. 

Anyways I hope all you of have the Happiest of Christmases and eat lots of treats...I sure am. :) 


  1. Very lovely holiday snaps! There's such a dreamy quality to bokeh - it can more than a little addictive to capture photos involving it.

    Happiest holiday season wishes, dear Stefanie!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It is addicting, Im already finding myself taking more photos just to see how it would look with bokeh. :)