New Things and Spring Dreams

I am so glad to leave March behind, it was a pretty rough month for me so good riddance. Any hoo I have bought many new dresses and they finally arrived. (I actually have a couple stuck in customs or are just taking their sweet time to get here). The weather was amazing over the weekend, on Sunday it was 19c which is pretty much our summer here on the WestCoast, but today its back to the normal overcast :( I can not wait for warm weather again, I even bought a Wisteria plant yesterday, I love Wisteria and I think it's totally going to be worth the up keep. :) DRESSESThe dress with the red roses was a custom made dress from Oh Sew Vintage and I absolutely adore it  I've worn already a few times since it arrived. I don't think anything can ever beat a 50s style cotton dress.
Can you spot Mr.Fred?
I bought this purse at the flea market, I don't think its vintage or anything but I love the look and it looked like it would keep things organized, I really dislike purses where everything is tumbling around on the inside. The best part was that it cost me $2.25. :) 
I bought a few more things but didn't take a photo but I had to show this Lighthouse that really is a bird house. Oh I love it, I love Lighthouses and I just couldn't pass this up :) I hope everyone is having a lovely start to April, and have plenty of Easter Chocolates. :)