Archie s Day

So on this particular Saturday I was invited to go to the Archie s comic launch at MAC which I was super excited about because when I was at the m.a.c store earlier that week the makeup artists were saying I would love the Veronica range because they saw that I like bold lips and makeup. The morning of, however I decided to do something completely different and go for the Betty look instead. I wanted to try something outside of my comfort zone of black eyeliner and bold lips, and I was thinking going for a lighter makeup look would look nice in Spring and Summer.


I liked how the eyes looked with the soft gold shadow and really liked the peach cheeks, but I think I still prefer a bold lip. Im thinking the eye makeup is light and neutral enough to wear a bold bright lip like m.a.c's girl about town which I have been loving. I'll have to try it someday.


Any-hoo this is what I wore that day, I wanted to wear something light and spring like to go with the makeup and the artists loved it and even "Archie" came and complimented me haha. I did get to take a picture with him but didn't get the email with it. :( I think I wrote my email wrong, I seem to do that a lot uh oh.


Oh look silly hand dance. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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My mind has been buzzing with new ideas but stagnant at the same time. (Mostly stagnant when it comes to school work...opps). Anyways I thought I would make a list of a few things that have been on my mind recently.

Blue or Pink Rotary Phone

I have been searching for a working rotary phone for a while but many are more than I am willing to pay for, because I don't really talk on the phone all that much, (I much prefer talking face to face).

I love the colours on this shoe, I think orange and bright pink go so well together and then there is an extra pop of bright yellow on the T-strap, perfect I say. Throughout Spring in Summer you can always find me wearing wedges, they are comfortable to walk in and kind of help you get used to walking in heels again after not wearing them as often in the Winter. 

When I was a young child my neighbour convinced me that we can find fairies in the gardens, so every day we would go searching in the gardens for fairies and we would come back with anything that looked like it could belong to one in hopes that the fairy would come and find them. I want to get a hanging terrarium or even one that looks like a little house. Im thinking of buying a kit instead of a ready made one, and if you look through Etsy there are so many little accessories you can buy to really make it look like a fairies home. 

This I am super excited about. I am saving my pennies (no more pennies in Canada so I am saving my nickels? nah doesn't sound the same). Anyways I have been researching about bicycles lately because I really want to get one so I can leisurely ride around and be comfortable on. I made the mistake of buying a bike at costco a couple years ago without knowing how I would like it and it turned out to be uncomfortable. I want one that I can sit up straight which is better for your back and neck on fun rides, and has a step through so I don't flash the public when riding in a dress. There are a few more things on my wish list for a bike but I won't list them here. I found this Papillionaire whilst researching and I fell in love. It seems sturdy enough that it will last me more than one Season and just look at the beautiful colours. Its perfection. They are having a Valentines sale on the Pink version of this bike and I am oh so tempted. :) 


Pasteis de nata

Last but not least I made Pasteis de nata for the first time the other day. Its a traditional Portuguese egg custard tart and I have always heard that they are a pain to make at home and never turn out right because home ovens don't go as hot as commercial ovens, but these turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. They are supposed to look rustic which I love. The bigger tart I did think got a little overcooked but they are usually the smaller size anyways. I think I am going to experiment more to see if I can infuse more of a lemon taste into them. Mmm this is making me hungry. 

Happy Thursday :) 

Name Change

It might be too soon but I feel like I need to change the name of this blog. I came up with utterly whimsical over the summer after months of not deciding on a name. I think that's what stopped me from starting a blog sooner. I am extremely indecisive and was completely stumped on a name. I don't feel like this name suits me though, I want to treat this blog like a journal so I decided on naming it My Dearest Eva. Eva is a name very dear to me and I absolutely love names that start with an E. So I hope I don't out grow the new name anytime soon. :)

A Favourite


This is probably my favourite vintage dress and I didn't even buy it online. I found this beauty while browsing a local vintage shop, they were having a 50% off sale and I thought I wasn't going to find anything I really wanted.  I spotted a 50s shirtwaist dress with butterflies in autumn colours. They dress fit but funds were low and I was running late to meet a friend for  lunch.


Well my goodness after telling my friend about the dress and showing her a picture, we decided we had to go back and get it. As I was about to leave I saw this beauty hanging on the wall as a display and asked the owner if it was on sale, it was. yippee. BUT I was doubtful that it would fit but to my surprise it fit perfectly. Now it pretty much is my favourite dress. I even cried (kind of) when the shoulder ripped a bit :(, but quickly sent it to get fixed. I paired it with my thick knitted cropped sweater that I thrifted a couple of years ago. Why is it so hard to find cardigans that are either cropped or waist length? Im always searching for the perfect cardigan.


Well I'm off to enjoy some oranges with dark chocolate sauce and a cup of tea. Mmmm I hope you all have a lovely week. :) Oh Happy Valentines Day. :)

Awkwardness and frizzy hair


Ahh nothing like looking at a photo of yourself and realizing you are way overdue for a hair appointment, I think I keep postponing it because I am not sure what I want to do next. Same red hair or more copper a la Christina Hendricks or go back to brunette or just add highlights, then it thoughst like should I grow it out or cut it short again. Ahh I am at war with myself...ok not really but you get the jist. Also I think blurry photos are my thing. I don't know what it is but I like that it isn't clear but you see the silhouette and colours. Not everyones taste but I like it, at least for now.


I got this dress back in September from etsy, it reminded me of this dress that Taylor Swift wore. Now I am not the biggest fan of Taylor (I do like her but Im not crazy about her and probably don't know much of her music) but I sure do like what she wears, gosh I so want her wardrobe.


I was delighted to find out that my Jcrew cardigan matches it perfectly. Oh and my lips have remnants of trying on lipsticks at MAC after class. I bought Girl about town the other day but was doubtful of it and kept thinking about the more pink/coral Impassioned. As I couldn't remember what GAT looked like on me, and in the tube it looks rather intimidating, I needed to reassure myself that it was the right colour. Turns out I liked it so I kept it but am still a little hesitant on wearing it. I find it weird that I find it scary to wear pink or in this case fuchsia but I will wear any shade of red. Its completely out of my comfort zone I suppose. Heres to being more adventurous and less shy. Have a lovely Week :)