Fall Goals

Fall is here and I already feel like it is coming and going to fast. So before I get anxious about not doing the things I want to do this season, I wrote everything down on a list that I will continue to add too. Last year I missed out on my favourite season so this year I want to make sure I make the best of it.

Starting with the most fantastic coffee mug. I think I am going to pinch myself over and over for not buying more of these mugs when I had the chance, even more pinching because I had (and have) a Starbucks employee discount. BOO!  They haven't been releasing cute seasonal mugs like this lately so I will forever regret not buying several more. On a side note I went on ebay to see if I could snatch up a few and they were selling them for $55....craziness. 


  • Lots of BAKING!!! 
I love to bake, I bake for pleasure and I honestly enjoy baking. I stress bake and it really does wonders to my mood, except when someone puts away my measuring cups all wrong and I swear I feel like the Hulk. Don't touch my measuring cups. You have been warned. 
  • Drink lots and lots of Tea. 
Lately all I want is tea. I drink my morning coffee and for the rest of the day I want tea which for me is really weird considering I was a huge coffee junkee and now the thought of a latte is not as appetizing unless I am with someone special and can actually throughly enjoy drinking it over good conversation. 
My Favourite tea right now is Toasted Walnut from Davids Tea. It is Fall and winter in a mug. Seriously go and try it. 
  • Take lots of Pictures
I have a new camera and I intend to not only use it for school but to take pretty pictures...well hopefully. 
  • Apple Picking and Hazelnut Picking 
A seasonal favourite, its that time again when my family goes out to the farms and gather the food we will need for the next 2 seasons. Apple picking and Hazelnut picking outings are my favourite because we usually stop and get Krispy Kreme coffee and their coffee is the bomb. Love it.
  • Pumpkin Jam
Not to brag or anything but my mom and I make the best Pumpkin Jam ever. So good. 
  • Stanley Park Walk
Stanley park is so beautiful this time of year and all you need is someone special and something to keep you warm and you are guaranteed a good day. 

Well this is the list so far, I felt like I need to write this down and it feels good to have something like this so I can look back at it sometime in the future.

 I have an actual baking list too but it is huge. 

Lovely Things - Cozy Sweaters

Another Lovely Things List. This week Sweaters, lots of cozy sweaters. With the crisp autumn air approaching I am craving cozy knit cardigans and sweaters. Last year I was on a bit of a cozy turtleneck phase, but this year I want to add 50s cardigans and cute pullovers to my wardrobe. I find that I tend to have a way easier time spending my budget on dresses than on basics. So today I am on the hunt for cardigans and such, but if I come home empty handed Im sure some of these will make their way to my closet. 

Just the Fox, Ma'am Sweater

In It to Penguin It Sweater

I have a novelty animal print love. I adore this bird sweater. <3

I think I might want to add a cape as well. This one is gorgeous and perfect for the transitional weather we are having. 

Thats all for now. Have a fabulous weekend. :) 

Everyday vintage and fuzzy photos

Good morning little interweb world...

I got a new camera last week for school, Im going into a photography based class this term and learned my lesson the hard way last year.DO NOT EVER go into a photography class without a DSLR...the instructor made us cry with confusion. He also made us cry because he scared the bejeezus out of us. Oh well Im having loads of fun re-learning.
Even though this photo came out blurry, I still think its kind of cool.



This is my most worn dress in my wardrobe. When Im feeling lazy or sick-ish this is what I wear. Super simple, super comfy.


Sleepy head.


Have a fantastic day. TTFN :)

My favourite little town...well so far.

Lynden Washington may be my most favourite town. It is a small quirky little town nestled in Northwest Washington and I would move there in a heartbeat if a good opportunity came a knocking. (I still love you Canada but this town is sooo me)
My parents like to RV over the summer and this year I had the opportunity to join them and we explore A LOT. We love visiting small towns for there uniqueness and treasure hunting. Lynden is one of those town that make you feel safe and cozy. 


A sample of the cute shops, its a little Dutch restaurant and I kid you not the entire street is this cute. Mind you the street is aprox. 2.5 blocks. 


Lots of Windmills. This one is a hotel but they also had one a little further and it was a coffee shop. This town makes my heart flutter.


I would be a regular here for sure


They had a classic car show going on and I took too many photos and made a dream list. I want to participate in these shows one day. I want to be the young lady with a sweet ride in amid a group of older gentlemen. (Some are gentlemen like and some are just plain rude)


Oh what a Beauty


You've been warned


Definitely an everyday car

FF-42-10 Studebaker Daytona 1965

My DREAM CAR!! A 1965 Studebaker Daytona preferably in Blue but any colour shall do.
 Jaye Tyler in Wonderfalls has this car and I fell head over heels in love. 


oh and Im a Red Head now. Having a love/hate relationship...more love but still wish it was more copper, maybe in October I will try again.

Last days of Summer

My very first outfit post with one of my favourite dresses in my most favourite colour. Although I wasn't going to post outfits right away I was thinking as I was getting dressed "What is the fun in waiting, might as well just for it".
 Image quality kind of sucks. I think I am going to have a hard time learning how to upload properly and get the proportions right, but I am excited to learn. Hoping for that aha moment. 

Bella and me

This is dress is so "airy" all I want to do is twirl and twirl and twirl. Im trying to enjoy as much as I can before the weather gets cold and wet. Although I would probably wear this in winter with a sweater on a Pick me up kind of day. 


Oh and I should introduce my little fluff ball Bella. Did not realize that she is that tiny, she probably thinks I am a giant, but we love each other anyways. 


Dress: Etsy via The Vintage Studio
Shoes: Chinese Laundry via The Bay