Dreaming, It's what I have been doing a lot of lately. Maybe its the January blues or the fact that I live in 'Raincouver'. It s been dark, rainy, constant overcast days, we had fog for a while and that was neat, but as any human would probably agree, too many dark days in a row its hard to want to get out of bed in the morning. I enjoy every season for what they have to offer but like they say too much of something is not such a good thing.

So I catch myself day dreaming of Spring and Summer, the bright twirly dresses, rainbow coloured flowers, the warmth of the air, the cool grass beneath your feet, the fresh fruit to be picked and enjoyed. Honey bees busy at work and the smell of fresh herbs in the garden, dinners eaten outside under fairy lights and twinkling stars. Ahh all the things I look forward too.


And because I haven't seen the sun in quite some time, I think I shall go make myself lemon tarts, or something with lemon in it. I'm sure its the perfect remedy.

All images are from Pinterest I just made a collage. :)

New Shoes

Yesterday I decided to go early into to the city for school. I wanted to have breakfast and I really wanted to go to MAC to get new lipstick. I wanted to see if they still had Absolute Power but they were sold out...Boo. I might just have to order it online. But since I was in the Bay I decided to look around because of all the sale signs, very dangerous. The Bay in Downtown Vancouver is huge and I still get lost because it seems as though one level or some corner that I used to know my way around is getting renovated. Anyways I got magnetically pulled to the shoe section. (Yup I am one of those girls, shoes are my weakness). I have been searching for a wooden platform sandals for over a year, at first I wanted the Swedish Hasbeens but decided I would get more wear in cooler months if I got a pair with a darker finish.


I found these beauties in a cramped corner and they looked way to small but I thought I would give them a go since I couldn't find any other pair. AND they fit, Hooray and were super comfy and weren't sliding all over the floor. Most wooden shoes I have tried don't have a thin rubber sole, but these do. Double Hooray. The best part was that it was 70% off, Triple Hooray. They are from Coach and I find that most Coach items have that C pattern all over it which is not appealing to me, these do have that patten but you can barely see them over the leopard print. Quadruple Hooray. Ok I think that is enough Hoorays from me.


Pin Curls

On a completely different topic. I have been pin curling my hair more but with setting lotion and loads of Hairspray from a suggestion from a friend and this is the result. I like the volume and the bounciness. Quintuple Hooray. I had to sneak one more in the post. :) 

X Stefanie


Oh boy it is so easy to lose track of time when creating a wishlist, but it is fun. I don't know what it is with me, but I seem to be only buying Summer clothing which is so unlike me. I have always liked Fall and Winter more than warmer weather, I like the coziness of staying at home with wooly socks and a good book...you get the picture. Anyways I guess I get caught up with light colours and spring florals I just can't help myself it seems. 

I'm All Cheers Dress in Sundae Best

I have admired Bernie Dexter Clothing for quite a while and when I made my first splurge on one of her dresses this past summer I have completely fallen head over heels in love. Not many modern designers that do the vintage look get it as good as her. Plenty of fabric for the most perfectly full skirt, I didn't even need to wear my petticoat. Oh and since I am such a fan of novelty prints I just have the hardest time resisting getting them all. Boy oh boy I can go on for ages. 

Little Hearts on the Prairie Dress

    Wow I love this cardigan and it looks just like a vintage one. I am still on the hunt for more vintage cardigans like this but I don't want to spend to much and I have seen a few but they have a bit of damage, this one solves that problem as it is new and still just as soft.  I love gold and cream for winter and it is one of my favourite colour combinations of all time. 

    Again something I have been on the hunt for a while, black Mary Jane Pumps. Oh I am so tempted by these beauties. 

    I think these are just darling

    Something for to brighten my desk 

    I love the cover of this book

    Ah I bought this beauty on ebay and I knew that I didn't need to buy a lace party dress but it looks so pretty. I just don't have anywhere to wear it to. Ah maybe I can use the Vintage Tea Party book and make myself an event to wear it too. :) 

    2013 Goals.

    Never been one to make resolutions on New Years but I think this year I really wanted to write down a goal list as I usually write them down per Season. Im excited for this year.


       1. 365 Project

    I have seen other blogger participate and I really want to try mostly because I want to start using my camera more. I wanted to try the instagram photo a day but boy I failed on those.

    BUT there is one thing that I think will help me with the 365 Project


    I just want to take a photo of something every day and maybe post weekly updates on this little project.  

        2. Drivers License

    Im 21 and don't have my drivers license even though I really wanted to get at 16 it just keeps slipping by as the years go. 

       3. Buy a Car or at least save for one

    My dream car is a 1964 Studebaker Daytona. You may recognize this car from Wonderfalls (Jaye Tylers car!!)

       4. Save for a trip

    I want to travel somewhere outside of BC I  have a few ideas on where to go but its not written in stone, I just want to save enough to go and not stress out.

       5. SKETCHBOOK

    Im excited for this one, I have been told a millions times from my instructors at school to keep one and try to put something everyday, but I haven't kept up with it and I have been seriously lacking in the inspiration department.

       6. Make something New

    Another exciting one. I love to bake and I like to cook so I wanted to make a goal to push myself to try a new recipe every week because of school and work I think once a week is doable.

    Add onto this goal I want to push myself to craft or create something at least once a month. I really enjoyed making my lighthouse costume and I don't want to wait until halloween to craft again.

       7. Take more walks.

    I want to take it all in.

       8. Read at least 1 book per season

    Again 1 book per season so no pressure. Another thing that will help in the Inspiration Department.

    Well my first goal list for the year, I will continue to make my Seasonal goals as I find it easier to keep to it. Also a big thing for me this year is the fact that this may be the only year I haven't put a weight loss resolution. I know I know it happens to everyone but this is big for me but I will save that conversation for another day.

    What are your goals for the year?

    New Year 2013

    Happy New Year :) 

    So I decided to do a 365 challenge/project. Here is day 1 Baking a cheesecake Mmmm.