Fall Goals

Fall is here and I already feel like it is coming and going to fast. So before I get anxious about not doing the things I want to do this season, I wrote everything down on a list that I will continue to add too. Last year I missed out on my favourite season so this year I want to make sure I make the best of it.

Starting with the most fantastic coffee mug. I think I am going to pinch myself over and over for not buying more of these mugs when I had the chance, even more pinching because I had (and have) a Starbucks employee discount. BOO!  They haven't been releasing cute seasonal mugs like this lately so I will forever regret not buying several more. On a side note I went on ebay to see if I could snatch up a few and they were selling them for $55....craziness. 


  • Lots of BAKING!!! 
I love to bake, I bake for pleasure and I honestly enjoy baking. I stress bake and it really does wonders to my mood, except when someone puts away my measuring cups all wrong and I swear I feel like the Hulk. Don't touch my measuring cups. You have been warned. 
  • Drink lots and lots of Tea. 
Lately all I want is tea. I drink my morning coffee and for the rest of the day I want tea which for me is really weird considering I was a huge coffee junkee and now the thought of a latte is not as appetizing unless I am with someone special and can actually throughly enjoy drinking it over good conversation. 
My Favourite tea right now is Toasted Walnut from Davids Tea. It is Fall and winter in a mug. Seriously go and try it. 
  • Take lots of Pictures
I have a new camera and I intend to not only use it for school but to take pretty pictures...well hopefully. 
  • Apple Picking and Hazelnut Picking 
A seasonal favourite, its that time again when my family goes out to the farms and gather the food we will need for the next 2 seasons. Apple picking and Hazelnut picking outings are my favourite because we usually stop and get Krispy Kreme coffee and their coffee is the bomb. Love it.
  • Pumpkin Jam
Not to brag or anything but my mom and I make the best Pumpkin Jam ever. So good. 
  • Stanley Park Walk
Stanley park is so beautiful this time of year and all you need is someone special and something to keep you warm and you are guaranteed a good day. 

Well this is the list so far, I felt like I need to write this down and it feels good to have something like this so I can look back at it sometime in the future.

 I have an actual baking list too but it is huge. 


  1. I really like your idea of writing a list! Not only does it mean you have something to look at and aim for, but now others (like little old me)can take inspiration from it. Unfortunately Fall is well and truly over in Sydney, but I think a Summer list is in order! Hazelnut picking sounds really lovely and also, I understand your new-found tea love. I was once only a extreme sugar coffee girl then tea came into my life and now I adore it! x

    1. A Summer list is definite must. :) Its so easy to get caught up in everything in life and then the seasons change and you didn't do the things you daydreamed about waiting for the season to arrive.
      Thats what happens to me but now I shall be a list writer. or well try to be.


  2. What an excellent list. Wish I was in Van, too, and could join you for some apple picking and a great Stanley Park Walk or two (I haven't been to the park in years because we'd been living back east).

    Wishing you the best with all of these lovely goals.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thank you.

    If you ever come to visit Vancouver and have time I will love for you to join me on a Stanley park walk, That would be fun. :)

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