Pink and Mustard

Oh I feel like I took these pictures so long ago. It was the a couple of weeks ago now, just when us Vancouverites were starting to get real warm weather. (Finally). I have been spending much of my free time outside and I love it. I was never that person who really enjoys Summer, but now that has completely changed. I love Summer, it is probably my favourite season. I just love the simplicity of it, and the smell, just yesterday I was at the beach and walking along the pier where the wild flowers are uh the smell is amazing. Its hard to explain but that smell of warm grass and salty air. I could just sit there for hours just enjoying everything. Although reapplying suncream gets annoying after a while, but us pale variety have to so as to not look like a lobster.
I love this dress, I think the shape is perfect and because it is thin straps it is perfect for those hot summer days. Also I have seriously been loving mustard and pink together. I would have never thought to pair the two but after seeing Marianne of Esme and the laneway wear it so well I had try it, and I think its a new favourite combo. :)
I'll keep it short today but I will be back soon. I have a couple of post lined up, just a matter of posting now. I'll see you soon. Happy Tuesday. :)


  1. Your outfit looks great. I love the dress, so simple and sweet. I'm also a big fan of your lipstick! I never wore lipstick until recently, but since I started I've been addicted!

    PS: Loving the curtains!

  2. It's such a fresh, cheerful colour combination, and one that looks strikingly lovely on you, dear gal. I know what you mean about the simple, incredible pleasures and scents of summertime. I can never get enough of the warm, subtly breeze-kissed nights, the scent of the sand Okanagan Lake, or the feel taste of freshly picked seasonal fruit either. One could never put a pricetag on these wonderful elements that help make life so rich, yet cost virtually nothing to enjoy.

    ♥ Jessica