Oh boy it is so easy to lose track of time when creating a wishlist, but it is fun. I don't know what it is with me, but I seem to be only buying Summer clothing which is so unlike me. I have always liked Fall and Winter more than warmer weather, I like the coziness of staying at home with wooly socks and a good book...you get the picture. Anyways I guess I get caught up with light colours and spring florals I just can't help myself it seems. 

I'm All Cheers Dress in Sundae Best

I have admired Bernie Dexter Clothing for quite a while and when I made my first splurge on one of her dresses this past summer I have completely fallen head over heels in love. Not many modern designers that do the vintage look get it as good as her. Plenty of fabric for the most perfectly full skirt, I didn't even need to wear my petticoat. Oh and since I am such a fan of novelty prints I just have the hardest time resisting getting them all. Boy oh boy I can go on for ages. 

Little Hearts on the Prairie Dress

    Wow I love this cardigan and it looks just like a vintage one. I am still on the hunt for more vintage cardigans like this but I don't want to spend to much and I have seen a few but they have a bit of damage, this one solves that problem as it is new and still just as soft.  I love gold and cream for winter and it is one of my favourite colour combinations of all time. 

    Again something I have been on the hunt for a while, black Mary Jane Pumps. Oh I am so tempted by these beauties. 

    I think these are just darling

    Something for to brighten my desk 

    I love the cover of this book

    Ah I bought this beauty on ebay and I knew that I didn't need to buy a lace party dress but it looks so pretty. I just don't have anywhere to wear it to. Ah maybe I can use the Vintage Tea Party book and make myself an event to wear it too. :) 

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    1. What a fantastically lovely wish list! We must have come from the same pea pod, my dear, because there isn't a single item here I wouldn't gleefully wear, read, or decorate my abode with, too.

      ♥ Jessica