2013 Goals.

Never been one to make resolutions on New Years but I think this year I really wanted to write down a goal list as I usually write them down per Season. Im excited for this year.


   1. 365 Project

I have seen other blogger participate and I really want to try mostly because I want to start using my camera more. I wanted to try the instagram photo a day but boy I failed on those.

BUT there is one thing that I think will help me with the 365 Project


I just want to take a photo of something every day and maybe post weekly updates on this little project.  

    2. Drivers License

Im 21 and don't have my drivers license even though I really wanted to get at 16 it just keeps slipping by as the years go. 

   3. Buy a Car or at least save for one

My dream car is a 1964 Studebaker Daytona. You may recognize this car from Wonderfalls (Jaye Tylers car!!)

   4. Save for a trip

I want to travel somewhere outside of BC I  have a few ideas on where to go but its not written in stone, I just want to save enough to go and not stress out.


Im excited for this one, I have been told a millions times from my instructors at school to keep one and try to put something everyday, but I haven't kept up with it and I have been seriously lacking in the inspiration department.

   6. Make something New

Another exciting one. I love to bake and I like to cook so I wanted to make a goal to push myself to try a new recipe every week because of school and work I think once a week is doable.

Add onto this goal I want to push myself to craft or create something at least once a month. I really enjoyed making my lighthouse costume and I don't want to wait until halloween to craft again.

   7. Take more walks.

I want to take it all in.

   8. Read at least 1 book per season

Again 1 book per season so no pressure. Another thing that will help in the Inspiration Department.

Well my first goal list for the year, I will continue to make my Seasonal goals as I find it easier to keep to it. Also a big thing for me this year is the fact that this may be the only year I haven't put a weight loss resolution. I know I know it happens to everyone but this is big for me but I will save that conversation for another day.

What are your goals for the year?

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  1. This is a really good list of goals for the coming year. I like the blend of large/milestone events (for example, getting your license) and smaller ones that can happen anytime (such as reading more books). I wish you the utmost of success with all of these things and am here to cheer you on anytime you need it this year, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica