An extension of my instagram and Goal Setting for Autumn.'s been a while but I'm back. This is going to be an extension of my new personal instagram account @lovehelend, I'll be posting about lifestyle... which for me is probably coffee and beauty. I want to keep this a happy positive place.

Now Goal setting for me this Autumn is...*Drumroll*

1. Renew my Drivers licence (Learners), because it's about freaking time. Also I know the ability to drive will bring me freedom to explore and not make an excuse to stay at home all the dang time.

2. Complete my first Swing Dance Lessons. Which I have been loving. I have always wanted to learn to dance and was tired of my excuse (two left feet), so my bestie and I signed up for Swing lessons, and have gone to a couple of dance nights as well. It has probably been the greatest thing I have ever signed up for.

3. Consistent work out schedule. I have been working out more and have particular goals in mind and I hope to be closer to them by the end of the season.

4. Blog more. Instagram more. I need a hobby outside dance and work, and I think this is a perfect way to express that. beauty bits and bobs, lifestyle, coffee... lots of glorious coffee.

5. Positive thoughts everyday and write them down. Most of 2014 and this year has been about self growth and healing. Managing my depression and anxiety, and boy oh boy I have come a long way since my darkest days, but I know it is an ongoing growth and discovery. I dislike using the word "battle", I am not at war with myself, I am trying to nurture myself.


  1. Excellent goals, sweet Stefanie. I wish you all the best with each of them and eagerly look forward to seeing any and all new blog posts you share with us.

    Have a beautiful autumn,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica, I am really excited to be back. :)